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Hello ! 

My name is Pauline and I am a young and passionated photographer.

Based in Montreal, I decided to get into photography professionally a year ago. Since then, I have specialized in portraits, school and sports photography. However, I love any type of photo and I continue to discover all the wonderful possibilities that this magnificent profession offers. 

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My story

My passion for photography started the day my parents gifted me my first camera, a turquoise blue Nikon with questionable photographic quality but, however, very practical. Of course I later preferred to borrow my dad's good DSLR and later invested in my own camera. Since that day, I have always loved capturing moments of life and freezing them forever in time. 


After five years of studying political science,  I decided to follow my heart and turn my passion into a career. Since then I have specialized in portraits but also in animal, school and sports photography. I particularly like portraits because I love bringing out the natural and authentic side of my models.

People often tell me that I find it very easy to put people at ease in front of the camera, which allows my models to fully express themselves through the photos I capture. 

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